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Giving Back to Our Community

Hutch’s purpose is to invest in the communities in which we live, work, and serve. All team members are called to help those within their community through various volunteering opportunities.

Who We Support

Our focus is on 501(c)(3) organizations working directly in our communities. In doing so, we hope to benefit a broad range of children, students and individuals in need. We have a partnership with The Salvation Army and, combined with the efforts of our employees and customers, we make a donation each Christmas with our annual Giving Campaign and throughout the year as needed.

In addition to The Salvation Army, the following is a list of nonprofit organizations that we regularly support:

  • Alzheimer’s Association
  • All Sports Organizations at local schools
  • Education Foundations
  • United Way
  • Western Oklahoma Family Care Center
  • $8,000 Hutch’s Community Scholar Award
  • $8,000 Hutch’s Employee Scholarship

What we are unable to do

Due to the large number of towns and schools in the areas in which we operate stores, it is simply not feasible for us to support every request that we receive. Therefore, despite how worthwhile the request may be, we are unable to support the following:

  • Individual endeavors (for hardship, athletic, or scholastic)
  • Individual sports teams
  • Most Individual School Sports Teams (Donations to All Sports Organizations are our priority.)
  • In-store fundraising or solicitation of any kind

How to Request a Donation

Click on the link below and complete the form. Requests will only be considered via this online form– we do not accept requests by phone or mail. The request must clearly state a specific need and who or what will benefit from it. You will also be asked to upload your 501(c)(3) form. If the request meets our current giving program, you will be contacted by a Hutchinson Oil representative. Please allow at least 30 days for your request to be reviewed.

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