Hutch's Rewards

Hutch's VIP rewardshutch's rewards card

Here's how it works!

  1. Sign Up
    • Just pick up a card at any Hutch's location and complete your registration.
    • Register your card through the "Hutch's VIP Rewards" app! (If you don't have a smartphone, you can register your card by calling card services at 1.888.488.7642)
  2. Earn
    • Use your card or Hutch's VIP Rewards app every time you purchase gas or in-store items and start earning points!
    • Swiping also enters you into sweepstakes and earns you club rewards.
  3. Get Rewards!
    • Earn coupons for store items, Hutch's gift cards, and sweepstakes prizes!                      




1.   Download the Hutch’s VIP Rewards App!

2.    ENROLL your card through the app! (If you don’t have a smartphone, you can register your card by calling card services at 1.888.488.7642 or visit

3.    Start Earning! You can earn points during the transaction before you pay by

  • Swiping your VIP card on the pinpad or having cashier scan the card’s barcode
  • You can enter your phone number that is registered on your card by selecting alternate id on the pinpad or Hutch’s VIP Code at pump
  • Or you can scan the app on your phone. (In order to scan your app to earn or redeem points, open your Hutch’s VIP Rewards app and select card manager.  It will require that you register an email and password. Then the screen will prompt you to capture a photo of the barcode.  Capture the photo, save it, and then you’re all set.) 

Earning Breakdown:

  • Customers will earn 1 point for every dollar spent in the store (see exclusions below)
  • Customers will earn 1 point for every gallon of fuel purchased.

EXCLUSIONS: Points will not be earned on purchases of lottery and lotto, gift cards, services, and other prepaid cards.


  • Please note, that you cannot redeem points by entering your phone number.  You must use the app or swipe/scan your VIP Card.
  • Points and clubs cannot be redeemed until card is registered. 
  • Points cannot be used to prepay for fuel or sales tax.
  • How to redeem points: The cashier will ask customers at time of purchase if they would like to redeem (spend) their points. If the customer chooses to redeem their points, the dollar amount available in points will be applied to the transaction. 
  • How to redeem clubs: Once a club item is earned, it will automatically be redeemed the next time you purchase that item and swipe your VIP card or scan your app.

Sweepstakes:  Card must be registered for sweepstakes eligibility.  

Member Pricing: Member pricing (VIP pricing) is available exclusively to Hutch’s VIP rewards members. Your VIP card must be registered before member pricing will take effect. Products with VIP pricing will be clearly marked with regular and VIP pricing.


Hutch's VIP rewards App - Card Manager Tutorial

Watch the video below to learn how to EARN/REDEEM points using the Hutch's VIP Rewards app!